CBL(Czwbattery) is specialized in lithium-ion batteries, polymer batteries, fast charge solutions, power solutions development, production and sales as high-tech enterprises. Owns: Shenzhen CZWBattery Technolgoy co,Limited., Hongkong CZW Technology Co., Ltd. CZWBattery Technology Co,Limited  the company a total area of 80,00 square meters, producing more than 300 employees in Shenzhen and Zhejiang have  production plants, with world-class R & D team, industry leading technology research and development personnel and advanced production equipment. It has many domestic and foreign patents. With continuous innovation capability, excellent lithium-ion battery module development and design capability, excellent cost control and reasonable business location and high-quality customer resources, the company has become the design of lithium energy sector the strongest, most complete supporting capacity , the largest product line of lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer.


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  1. IFR46160S -CBL03 3.2V 22ah Lifepo4
  2. EV HEV Lithium battery Pack
  3. Power Lithium battery Pack Lists
  4. ICR18650 3.7V  Li-ion cells
  5. Electric Bike Battery List 2
  6. IFR38120S -CBL01 3.2V 10ah Lifepo4
  7. IFR26650 3.2V 3000mah Lifepo4 cells
  8. ICR26650 3.7V 5000mah Li-ion Cells
  9. IFR26650 3.2V 3200mah Lifepo4
  10. Lifepo4 Cylindrical lithium Cells -Smal l Sizes
  11. Cylindrical lithium ion cells (Small Sizes)
  12. IFR40152SHD  3.2V 15ah
  13. Sample Product2
  14. IFR38120SHD  3.2V 10ah
  15. IFR40160S 3.2V 16ah